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Florania is a ready to wear brand, founded in
2021 on a regenerative philosophy.


By 2023 the brand is a proud recipient of the
“Design for Change Prize” by CNMI Fashion

Trust + Max&Co.

Collaborations include:

Max&Co, Swatch, Pangaia, Uniqlo, Kyocera
Corporations, Napapjiri, Sakura Collections
(Tokyo), NABA Roma, IED Milano.

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Our mission is to give a new primacy to made
in Italy through the ennoblement of circular
materials and employment of social ateliers.


For this reason, we commit by using
regenerated materials, sustainable
techniques and producing with a zero
kilometer policy, either in our laboratory in
Giambellino (Milan) or in Drittofilo Atelier



We believe that fashion can have a
positive impact, from the circular fiber to
the laboratory, from the production to the
liberation from gender norms.




We believe in making clothes without any gender



We are close to the punk movement for
deconstruction and irony but we are Solar because
we have an optimistic view of the future, human

connections and technology.


We are Glocal because we search for nearby, Local
production to reach and achieve Global relevance.



Our best selling products range from
draping with upcycled fabrics to denim and

cashmere patchwork.


However, we are mainly recognized by our
prints, component designed in our own
studio, that allows us to ennoble deadstock
fabrics as well as to create a coherent
storytelling in our collections.



Our team is composed by Flora Rabitti, the

Creative Director.

Martina Ottanà, Carla Caria and
Manfredi Montalto, the design team.


Gloria Costani, the production and
sustainability manager.


Atelier Drittofilo Mantova, the production


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